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Friday, 22 July 2011

we are a NEWBORN!

hayy peeps! assalamualaikum...

NEWBORN?? OMG! u mean newborn like the vamps in twilight saga, NEW MOON?? naaahhhh! no laaaar! we are no no vampire but we could be like one. BEWARE OKAYY! hahaha :) :)

the blog is officially and completely own by these girls who owns different characters. trust us! u will find out once u meet us. okay okay. now the introduction.........

SITI SHAHISZMA BT SHAHARUDDDIN also known as our mother. mummy!

NUR ATHIRAH BT MOHD ZAWAWI the grandmummy! . cz she was born 1st among us.

NUR SYAHIRAH BT MOHD SO'UD the romancing expert . her taste is so so 1st class!

NUR HAZIRAH BT MOHAMAD the budak kecik! her 'outer' is not as matured as her 'inner' 

NURUL FATIN AMIRA BT ARZMI the 'lemah lembut' one! seriously easily melts...

AIN NUR IZYAN BT KAMSANI the fussy n fierce! dont get near her if she's mad.. 

NUR MIMY NAZIRA BT MOHD NAZRI the kepoh n veryvery 'makcik' one . talks like a drifter!

NURUL FARHANAH BT YUSRI the most loving, caring, a cook/baker. but none of it taste by them. 

haaaa! kenal tak kenal??? tak kenal maka takcinta, so kalo nak cinta maii laa kenal ngn kami. cmne nk kenal?? FOLLOW LAAA KAMI! haha :) :)

see yaaaa on the next post! babaiii :)

written by **pana :)